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Loofborough faces several charges, including one count each of furnishing harmful items to a minor, indecent exposure, and luring a minor for sexual exploitation.

EBKAC – Error between keyboard and chair ECB – Evil Crazy Bitch ED – Erase display ED – Erectile dysfunction EF4T – Effort EG – Evil grin EIP – Editing in progress EMA – E-mail address EMFBI – Excuse me for butting in EMSG – E-mail message ENUF – Enough EPD – Episode EOD – End of discussion EOD – End Of Days EOL – End of lecture EOL – End of life EOM – End of message EOT – End of transmission EODZ – End Of dayz ERS2 – Eres tz / are you () FAA – Federal Air Authority FAF – Funny as fuck FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions FBF – Fat boy food (e.g.

Temperatures are forecast to rise above 50 degrees Celsius in parts of the south-west United States, as an extreme heatwave forces airlines to ground planes and strains power grids.

Major airlines delayed and cancelled flights out of Las Vegas and Phoenix airports as temperatures hit the high 40s, citing difficulty in operating aircraft in extreme heat.

The radio starts to change as we leave Tucson and turn off the I-10. It’s around here that you notice the car salesmen in the commercials sing their own jingles.

We’re heading south, on a straight line to the Mexican border. But right where we think we’ll find Trump’s heartland, we stumble into a place that doesn’t do pigeonholing – the small town of Bisbee.ILBL8 – I’ll be late ILU – I love you ILUM – I love you man ILY – I love you IM – Instant message IMAO – In my arrogant opinion IMHO – In my humble opinion Im L – () ITYK – I thought you knew IUSS – If you say so IWALU – I will always love you IWAWO – I want a way out IWIAM – Idiot wrapped in a moron IYKWIM – If you know what I mean IYO – In your opinion IYSS – If you say so j00 – You j00r – Your JA – Just Acting JAC – Just a sec JAM – Just a minutes Jellie – Jealous Jelly – Jealous JFF – Just for fun JFGI – Just Fuck Google it JIC – Just in case JJA – Just joking around JK – Just kidding JLMK – Just let me know JMO – Just my opinion JP – Just playing JP – Jackpot () KDFU – Means Cracking (K) the (D as in Da) fucked up KEWL – Cool KEYA – I will key you later KEYME – Key me when you get in KFY – Kiss for you KIA – Know it all KIA – Killed In Action KISS – Keep it simple, stupid KIT – Keep in touch KOC – Kiss on cheek KOL – Kiss on lips KOTC – Kiss on the cheek KOTL – Kiss on the lips KNIM – Know what I mean?KPC – Keeping parents clueless KS – Kill then steal ( L2G – Like to go?ABC News Breakfast weatherman Nate Byrne explained:"When the temperatures get that hot, the air is literally just not dense enough to make sure that all of the physics that works to help an aircraft get into the air are enough for it to do that safely."Mr Mann said aircraft may also be hampered because the charts used in flight manuals to calculate aircraft performance are not written with such heat in mind, making it impossible for pilots to accurately calculate payloads and take-off speeds.The flights affected by the heat tend to be on smaller regional carriers, which use planes that operate under lower maximum temperatures."It doesn't happen very often because these are exceedingly rare temperatures, but there's a point at which either runway length is insufficient or the speed is so high that the tires wouldn't be rated for it," Mr Mann said of those aircraft.

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Where is the investigative journalism takes a 20-year-old girl, Hannah here, to what is — James O'Keefe is 25, 25-year-old young man, to do this, and you know, we've now had three nights in a row where new video from other cities. BREITBART: We're in day five here of the mainstream media ignoring the story and it comes on the heels of the Van Jones controversy where the analogy I would use is Kirk Gibson hit the homerun in the ninth inning but there weren't innings one through eight. GILES: I'd like to see all future funds, you know, cut. There's no way we need to be paying for this kind of activity. You just said you were jogging and had heard about ACORN and corruption and you wanted to just look into it, then you investigated?

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Huffington Post Reader Question Dear Steve, I am at the very end of the grace period since I graduated, and will owe a total of ,000 in student loans (all are government ED loans both Direct and Stafford unsubsidized and subsidized).

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